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The Youth at Cornerstone the Church is led by James Measures, looking after ages 11-17. The youth form an active part of the Cornerstone ministry and in the equipping of the next generation, in line with the church vision. Bible study and teachings take place on Sundays during the main AM service for ages 11-17. On alternate Friday evenings, 'Young Nights' are held where the Youth meet for a variety of practical teachings, social outings and activity based evenings.

"My prayer for the Cornerstone Youth is to see bold, confident men and woman of God, growing into ambitious and productive members of society in whatever walk of life they choose. The aim is not a materialistic excellence, but a Godly brilliance, since we have been perfectly created for a life to shine and share with others. This expectation comes from God’s Word for us in PHILIPPIANS 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” I pray for each dream inside the heart's of our young people, to reach it's full potential and go forth to fulfil the Great Commission. I will teach, encourage and make room for these things in Cornerstone, and those dreams and desires shall be established. That is not my guarantee… It’s God’s!".

For His Glory,
James Measures (james.measures@cornerstonethechurch.com)
Youth Leader at Cornerstone The Church

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James Measures, 12/12/2014