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Personal testimonies are very important to us.

We believe that every believer has a personal testimony, a story of how God has been working on their behalf in miraculous ways.



Rammie Vive

I thought it would be a good idea to write an account of how the Lord bought Pastor Jerome Fernando and KRC across my path and then onto Cornerstone the Church.

In 2011, my cousin Rueben bought me a pendant CROSS from Israel. He sent me a letter with the cross enclosed in it. At the time I received it, I was not a Christian but he obviously went in faith and presented me with this precious gift, which I duly put onto a chain and around my neck... 


John Plummer

A friend of ours requested prayer for her very ill grand-daughter, Cathryn.
Cathryn is in ICU at St. Barts Hospital, London and on life support. She had pneumonia with serious complications. For six weeks she was not improving and was deeply sedated... 


John & Elizabeth Plummer

May I send grateful thanks to Pastor Chris for your ministry yesterday in both meetings. It is a privilege to be coming to Cornerstone Church... more


John Plummer

Sunday evenings services are blessed and powerful times in the Presence of the Lord. Recently Pastor Chris ministered and  many came forward for prayer... more



I went to the Philippines for a week, not for a holiday but to see my ailing father. In the last four years he has gradually deteriorated, the only apparent diagnosis was dad being type 2 diabetic (tablet controlled) and all the rest of his bloods were normal. more


Shanti Vive

 This evening I was doing my normal neighbourhood prayer walk with my little Lottie, as I was approaching the  tunnel to the little green close to our house I saw Staffordshire bull terrier running towards me. more


Mercy and Emmanuel

On the 13th of October, we took the children to school as usual. Prior to this, the Lord had told me to anoint the children every day and because of rushing everyday... more


Elizabeth and John Plummer

A few weeks ago we brought our friends Janet and Alan to Cornerstone to the Evening Healing Service... more


Peter Biddle

"I have had a profound fear of flying for many years, to the extent that I have attended the BA fear of flying course twice... more


Stella Goddard 

Within each of our hearts God has sown a seed for something much bigger than perhaps we can even think or imagine. This is part of His amazing plan and purpose for our lives. His plan will bless us and bless other people ... more


Michelle Loubser

More importantly, I went up for healing a few weeks ago when Pastor Chris did the healing service.  He asked for people with heart conditions to go up so I went.  I was diagnosed with an overactive heart valve in my early twenties... more


Tom Mulvany

A friend of mine was recently in an extremely distressed state. The reason for this quickly became clear to me... more


Eve Wernham

I would publicly like to give thanks to my Lord and Saviour concerning the miracles He has and continues to do in my life... more


Lynne Whitehill

"A few Sundays ago it was Communion Sunday and Pastor Chris taught on the authority and the power given to us from the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.
As we took communion Pastor Chris encouraged us to proclaim and declare our bodies were healed (or whatever each of us had need or lack in our lives) and so I proclaimed healing in my body... more


Jane Andrews 

Speaking with Maike Currie - City A.M. Money Magazine

Well groomed and softly spoken, Jane is an “English rose” but doesn’t shy away from talking about subjects that could make others uncomfortable ...... “The other thing that’s really important to me is my faith. Both my husband and I are committed Christians. We’re pastors in the church and that’s a big priority in life.” I ask her about the denomination and, when she explains more, I hesitantly ask whether it’s one of those “more uhmmm charismatic churches”. She smiles at my question and says, “Yes… I am one of those.” ... more


Andrea Waitschulies 

Please relay to Pastor Chris: I spoke to Stuart Paris today at Hunters LR, who came to visit, and I asked him about his health. He had cancer... more


John Plummer 

Financial Breakthrough Testimony.
I had a heavy financial burden hanging over me. In one of the evening meetings last year, Pastor Chris had a 'word of knowledge' and said that this was a significant word for you here. You would look back later and recall this word. It can be life changing for you! He said there was financial blessing coming to meet your need. Reach out to Him and receive it... more


Rammie Vive 

I gave my life to Christ on Saturday June 16th 2012; it was the day of my wife’s water baptism and her Father’s own birthday. She had prayed in faith for ten years for this day to arrive – I think it’s fair to say that she was overwhelmed by the Lord’s promise to deliver at the most perfect time in her faith journey. I put my hand up following Pastor Chris’s salvation prayer and my life soon started to move in a different direction...more


Chantelle Ebiye F-S Tindall 

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Chantelle Ebiye F-S Tindall. I have attended Cornerstone the Church, the few times I have visited my Nephew Adetayo Martins and his family. I live in Manchester.

The reason, I am making this report is because I have encountered God's goodness twice after two different Sunday service at Cornerstone the Church... more.

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