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Youth at Cornerstone The Church 

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
JOHN 14:6

As individuals we will never believe more than we have revelation of. We will therefore never think, say or do up and above what we believe to be reality. If Jesus Christ Himself, the Son of God, Author of the universe and all creation didn't start His ministry until he was 30 years old, then it is enough for us to look at our own lives and recognise the extreme value and importance of the days of our Youth, and the time necessary to develop a firm and strong grounding in faith and in the Word of God.

In an age of mass media exposure and an increasingly less and less spiritually consious world, how can a young man or woman of God be sure of a righteous way of living?

The answer is knowing Jesus... Not the Jesus of story books or empty hymns. But Jesus the radical revolutionist, Jesus the man who challenged a generation and changed the world. The Jesus Son of God who bled out for people who cursed HIs name. The Jesus that came down to Earth, to thrust a life line into a dead and dying world, into the heart of man to re-connect the Spirit of man with God. 

This revelation starts with 'making Jesus the better choice'. At Cornerstone The Church, we strive to impart into our young people the value of recognising Jesus as the better choice, the best option, the winning decision, in every single situation. True group strength comes from quality of individuals, often mistaken purely for quantity. We purpose therefore to make strong individuals who can individually contribute to the collective strength of a group, rather than attempting to make a strong group who have no individual identity when apart.
The individual that we see graduating from Cornerstone youth is a strong, bold and aggressively passionate man and woman of God. An individual, not a copy or replica who has a strong foundational understanding of their Kingdom rights, their own personal calling, and a sound conviction of their
authority in and through Jesus Christ. This individual has an attractive presence that breed’s success, favour and prosperity whilst excelling in every aspect of their lives.

Everyone is looking for happiness, for some form of progression, for something new... It's a God shaped hole, and we believe that through correct teaching, training and discipleship our young people shall form the foundations of a movement that will change the course of history and stir heaven to move upon the earth bringing the Glory of God in a way never witnessed before.

We are the youth of Cornerstone The Church, and we are not afraid!

For His Glory...


James Measures, 08/09/2014

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James Measures, 12/12/2014