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The Church's First Sermon

Turn with me to Acts 2 and let’s read verses 14-47 together…
Note, Peter begins by pointing out the fulfilment of prophecy in the gift of the Spirit (verse 14-21). He then declares the Resurrection of Jesus as foretold by prophecy, and witnessed to by the whole body of believers (Verses 22-32), and he ends by bringing together both these two facts. Observe the significant alternation of the names of ‘Christ’ and ‘Jesus’ in verse 31 and 32. The former verse establishes that prophecy had foretold the Resurrection of the Messiah; the latter asserts that, “This Jesus,” has fulfilled the prophetic conditions. A thing not to be argued about, but to be certified by verifiable witnesses. This truth was presented to the multitude on Pentecost, as it is to us, as a plain matter of fact, on which the whole fabric of Christianity is built; and which itself securely rests on the consistent testimony of those who knew Him alive, saw Him dead, and were familiar with Him having risen.
Recorded Live at CornerstoneTheChurch - May 19th 2013


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Pastor Chris Demetriou, 24/05/2013

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