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2 Kings 4:8-37.  Elisha was a great man of God. He was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom and he travelled from town to town doing the Lords work. However, he lived by faith so the Lord would cause somebody to show him kindness and hospitality whenever necessary. This chapter begins with Elisha travelling to a small town called Shunem. Today, on Mother's Day, I want to talk about an extraordinary woman from that town. We can all learn a great deal from the way she handled the most traumatic and tragic situation any mother could face (the death of her son). What was it about this woman that caused her to have such awe-inspiring faith, and as a result, receive such astounding blessings from God? She wasn't anything special, in fact her name isn't even recorded, and yet she received a mighty touch from God. What was it about her life that caused God to intervene in such an incredible way? If God was able to empower the life of a nameless woman, living in a godless time, then surely He can touch our lives too.

Recorded Live @ Cornerstone The Church, March 10th 2013

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Pastor Chris Demetriou, 12/03/2013

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