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Only God Knows Your Future

The end of another year is fast approaching and people are already predicting what the new year holds for us. But a year from now most of them will have missed the target completely. The truth is, no one knows the future except God. He keeps the times and seasons under His own authority (Acts 1:7), and this includes the times and seasons concerning our personal lives. With regards the future, or things to come, God's knowledge is called "foreknowledge" (1 Peter 1:2), and the excellency of God's knowledge involves "all things knowable." Our God is infinite! He knows it all because He created it all! People are always bewildered or confused by what they don't know. James 4:14 said, "Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow!" So what should this mean to us? It should create an absolute trust in God - who does know the future and who works all things for our benefit but to His glory. The question is ... Are we able to entrust all our tomorrows to Him?

Recorded Live @ Cornerstone The Church Dec 30th 2012

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Pastor Chris Demetriou, 15/01/2013

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