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The Holy Spirit In Our Daily Lives

In John 14 Jesus was preparing His disciples for the crucifixion (for His departure), and in verse 16 He says that a Comforter, and in some versions, "another Helper" -- the Holy Spirit -- will come and abide with them forever. He will also come to teach them all things and remind them of things He had said (verse 26). In another verse Jesus states that it is better for Him to go away, because if He doesn't, then the Comforter could not be sent. Imagine what the disciples must have thought! Better than having the Master alive with us? Better than having His personal teaching and counsel day in and day out? No way! Why did Jesus emphasise the function of the Holy Spirit in such a fashion? I believe it's because He wanted to prepare them (and all believers) for the vital role that the Holy Spirit was meant to play in their everyday lives.

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Pastor Chris Demetriou, 15/11/2012

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