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Stepping Out at His Command

When reading this passage of scripture, I found that there are numerous things which stand out:

   Jesus made His disciples get into the boat without Him.

   The boat is stuck in the middle of the sea where the conditions are fraught with danger.

   Jesus comes to them just before daybreak.

   Jesus is walking on the same sea that threatens their existence.

   The men in the boat are fearful and express it in their cries.

   Jesus identifies Himself in order to dispel their fears.

   Peter asks Jesus to command that he comes Him on the water.

   Jesus has a specific response - one word, “Come.”

   Peter obeys the Lord’s command and walks on the water. But he gets distracted by the stormy sea and becomes afraid.

   Peter starts to sink and cries out; so Jesus rescues him.

   Jesus rebukes Peter for having little faith, and for his lack of conviction.

   They both enter the boat and the storm ceases.


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Chris Demetriou, 15/07/2012

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