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On the Way to the Cross - Part 9 - Kingdom Perspectives

Last Sunday we studied the Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes); where Jesus clearly defined a new constitution for the citizens of His kingdom. As we continue the journey with our Lord, we find Him talking much about what the kingdom is like (Matthew 13:24-52; 18:23; 20:1; 22:2; 25:1; 25:14; Mark 4:30; Luke 13:18; 13:20). It is almost 2 years into Jesus’ ministry and He has told us exactly what is expected of those who are to be subjects of His kingdom. Now, He wants’ us to get a real perspective on what it is like.

In this regard, Jesus uses Parables, and most of them are explained by applying farming metaphors. The one I’d like us to concentrate on today is the Parable of the Mustard Seed. This parable is mentioned in Matthew 13:31, Mark 4:30 and Luke 13:18. The Lord often used parables as “prophecies” concerning His kingdom until His return. Whenever He taught in this way He provided two views of the same subject: specifically, the outward aspect, conveyed to a multitude of people; and the inward aspect, as revealed to His disciples. Here He brings to light a specific characteristic of His kingdom compared to the outside world. Namely, that the historical development of the “church” (which is to represent His kingdom on earth) would be one of humble beginnings. But this parable contains more than this one important truth.

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Chris Demetriou, 04/03/2012

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