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On the Way to the Cross - Part 1 - True Worship

Today, as we follow this sequence of Jesus “on the way to the Cross,” we’ll be hearing Him speak about true worship. The story is a familiar one to all of us - the story of “The Woman at the Well,” Jacob’s well in Samaria. Now, this story is like all the incidents in John’s Gospel - it’s packed with meaning; in fact, with multiple layers of meaning. John, perhaps to a greater degree than the other Gospel writers, never records things in just a superficial manner. The way he writes about Jesus always allows us to dig deeper and look at things from different angles - to ponder the symbolism that always fills these stories about the life of our Lord.

Here we find Jesus in Samaria, resting for a few moments at the well of Jacob. His disciples have gone into the city of Samaria to buy something to eat. It’s “the sixth hour,” or around noon, when most people in that hot part of the world would be taking a kind of “siesta.” Typically the women would come for their water early in the morning, in groups of two or three, but this woman comes alone at midday - as if to avoid the others. And shortly we learn why she comes alone: she’s a kind of outcast because of her chequered personal history. As Jesus tells her, “The fact is, you’ve had five husbands, and the man you now have isn’t your husband.” But that doesn’t come out till later in their conversation; Jesus begins by just asking her to put down her bucket and give him a drink from the well. And the rest of the story evolves from there, with several overlapping themes.

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Chris Demetriou, 29/01/2012

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