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Joyful Expectation - Part 2 - Maintaining your Joy

There are so many things that seek to rob us of our joy. Circumstances can shake our faith. People can discourage us. And things can distract us from what God wants us to enjoy. But God wants us to experience His abundant, overflowing joy. And that actually involves a choice on our part. I believe that one of the commodities that is missing in today’s society is joy. An examination of most newspapers will show that there really is little ‘good’ news to report. Consider the weather report. Often you hear, “tomorrow will be sunny with a 20% chance of rain.” Instead of; “its going to be mostly clear with an 80% chance of sunshine.’

There is so much confusion as to what joy really is. A lot of the time even people in God's church find it hard to express true joy. Yet, God expects us to come to know His joy. So what is joy? Joy is something that we choose to express. It's not pie in the sky; it doesn't come and go like the wind. So where does this kind of joy come from? Well, as you know, it's a matter of attitude which comes from God's Holy Spirit dwelling in us. And the belief that He is at work - that He is in full control - that He is in the midst of whatever has happened, is happening, or will happen.

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Chris Demetriou, 04/12/2011

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