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The Fruits of God's Presence

In Leviticus 26:11-12 the Lord says, “I will live among you, and I will not despise you. I will walk among you; I will be your God, and you will be My people.”Have you ever wondered what happens when God arrives on the scene? What effect His presence has on people and the natural world we live in? Today we are going to examine the Fruits of God’s Presence. However, before we start let’s try to define “presence.”

In a natural sense, presence is the invisible “impact” a person, a place or a thing has on us. If you've ever stood at the edge of a mountain range and gazed across the vast expanse, you would probably have felt a great ‘presence’. When travelling through a ravine, with hills on either side, you become distinctly aware of the ‘presence’ of your surroundings. I remember driving with Loraine and the family to Forth William in the northwest of Scotland, and the road took us past Ben Nevis, I was totally astounded by its awesome ‘presence’. Also, have you ever stood next to someone really famous, or a person with great influence? If you have, you would have noticed that such a person carries a unique ‘presence’ with him/her.

In a similar but greater manner, God too has this invisible quality called ‘presence’. When He intervenes in a person’s life, visits a congregation, or meets with someone during the worship, we know it! While we may respond in different ways, we nonetheless know that God Almighty is present! On numerous occasions, and in different settings, I have experienced God’s ‘presence’, and I was profoundly touched and deeply moved by His Spirit.

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Chris Demetriou, 16/10/2011

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