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The Power of Kindness

In this passage of scripture, David was at the pinnacle of his power. Saul, who had persecuted him, had died. The remains of Saul's influence in the Kingdom was waning and David's influence was growing. The ark had been recovered and was back at the centre of things in the City of David and David had cleared up all opposition by defeating the Philistines, the Moabites, and Hadadezer (from whom he captured 1000 chariots). The Arameans were now subject to him. He struck down 18000 Edomites in a major battle…and so on and so on. It says, “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.”

David now had time to reflect on things and it seems that his mind went back to the most awful conflict of all, the one that must have produced the most turmoil in his soul, the civil war between himself and Saul, (which was not of his making), the unjustified persecution by Saul and the loss of his great friend Jonathan, Saul's son. With whom, in the good old days, he had fought alongside and whom he dearly loved, despite the antagonism of Saul towards him.

When Jonathan died on the battlefield with Saul, David (great man that he was), grieved for them both - but of Jonathan he said, “I grieve for you Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.”I don't for one moment think that there was anything improper in David and Jonathan's relationship, this kind of affection between two men is very rare but very special and it involves a bond forged through the experiences of life and a degree of transparency with one another that involves risk. By that I mean the willingness to open oneself up to another, and especially those areas of hurt or confusion, and to be able to do so without fear. Without the risk of being exposed! Very rare but very beautiful.


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Chris Demetriou, 02/10/2011

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