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Step in to allow God

Think about this Joshua is an unproven leader but proven in his ability to serve. (The best leaders are those who know how to serve.) Joshua says to the people we are going to the Jordan to cross over and posses the land! They arrived at the Jordan River when it was at its seasonal height and it was threatening to burst its banks as was usual at this time of year. There was no bridge over the Jordan only a torrent as the river flowed. They had come to the Jordan not knowing when they were going to cross over, nor how they would get over. Would Joshua be the leader they needed? Would they just camp there for the duration? Would God step in?

At different times we are faced with things, that in the natural, seem so daunting, unpassable and there doesn’t seem to be an answer no matter where we look – yet God always has the answer if we will follow His lead.

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Neil Davis, 24/07/2011

Keith Hutchinson 03/08/2011 05:19
Hi, many thanks to Pastor Neil for his message. Just one thing regards the sound, there is still a problem of distortion. quite possibly caused by an input level that is to high. Not sure, but it doesn't sound nice. It's worth fixing for the sake of the message. All the best. Keith

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