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It takes a lot to shock New York, but the city and its suburbs were gasping in shock, horror and fear at the news that an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy was abducted and killed this week as he walked home from camp. One of the most devastating things that can happen to any family is premature death. And especially when it involves a young child. Sure, Jesus can calm storms, drive out demons, but where is He when real tragedy strikes? Where is he when sickness won’t let go, when death crushes? These are questions many unbelievers want to know the answers for.

Our passage today, Mark 5:21-43, will helps us to obtain some of God’s heart answers to those questions. What we’ll see is that Jesus gently touches even the most devastating tragedies of life. In this text, Mark refuses to separate the two incidents that are woven together in time. Matthew chose keep them apart, but Luke and Mark hold them together because of the intertwined truths revealed. The outside story is of a man facing the loss of his daughter. The inside is of a woman suffering a cruel disease. The central figure is Jesus Christ - full of compassion and abounding in love...

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Chris Demetriou, 17/07/2011

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