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This seventh and final miracle recorded in the Gospel of John has been called the ‘supreme miracle’ of Jesus. John’s Gospel is a study of the mastery and creativity of Jesus as He performs miracles in order to demonstrate (and authenticate) His divinity. Let’s review…

The miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead is regarded as the supreme “sign.” Unlike other signs and wonders, where the cooperation or active faith of others was involved, in this incident the Lord Jesus is solely and sovereignly in charge - from start to finish! This final sign in John’s Gospel, is pivotal. Why? Because it ventures into the area of life that we fear the most and know the least about; our death (our mortality). From the onset, this story about a friend who has died and a family that Jesus loved so dearly is filled with a sense of desperation and hopelessness.

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Chris Demetriou, 17/07/2011

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