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Our New Identity In Christ

"Who are you?" We all have a sense of identity – a sense of "who we are." Much of it was developed during our upbringing, as well as our education, but also much from our deciding who we wanted to be. Routinely, this is defined in functional terminology, "I want to be an accountant or attorney"; "I want to be a wife" "I want to be a nurse or a doctor." Often we take on a sense of identity that is multifaceted. The point is, most of our ‘actions’ come from that sense of identity, not the other way around. As a doctor, you would do certain things, etc. The connection between your identity and your actions is an aspect of how God designed you.

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Keith Hutchinson 26/06/2011 08:26
Hi to you all, Yet one more amazing message from the throne of God, delivered by Pastor Chris to the ears of the church and thx to technology out to the world. This one is profound and can make great changes in our lives. Many thanks

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