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The Authority Of The Believer - Part 4

During our study of the Authority of the Believer, it has been pointed out more than once that the authority of which we are speaking is the inheritance of every believer. It is not some special gift imparted in answer to prayer, nor something meant for an exclusive few, but the inherent right of every child of God because they have been “elevated” with Jesus Christ to the right hand of the God the Father. Therefore, we have become, through the rich mercy of our Heavenly Father, occupants of the Throne in heaven, with all that it implies of privilege and responsibility. The “elevation” is wholly due to the grace of the Father. We do not "climb the heavenly steeps" by any act of faith or devotion on our part. It IS ours! That being the case, we should simply recognise the reality of this position, and to take our place in humble acceptance, giving all the glory and honour to God.

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